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Bankruptcy can help to stop harassing collections calls

Our post last week about credit card debt, financial insecurity and annual income might have made some people realize that credit card can easily turn into a big problem. The fact of the matter is that credit cards aren't free money. They are a loan for items you want to buy now and things you want to do now. Eventually, that money has to be returned through repayment of the credit card bill.

There are some instances in which a person might have to rely on credit cards just to make ends meet. That one area that can lead to a slippery slope. When the time comes to repay the bill, there might not be any money left. That can lead to lawsuits or collection agency pursuits for the money.

While some people might not realize it, filing for bankruptcy can give you some relief from credit card bills. If you have mounting credit card debt, you can explore Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to determine if one is right for you. We can help to answer your questions about both and help you learn how to proceed with filing if you decide one of those options is right for you.

If you can't stand the thought of getting another collection call or having to get rid of your belongings to satisfy the credit card companies, you should explore the options you have. Filing for bankruptcy can help to keep your possessions protected and the automatic stay can stop creditor calls once you file for bankruptcy protection.

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