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Tips for protecting your credit card from illegal fraud

Many Philadelphia residents may associate financial difficulties with uncontrolled spending, but the fact remains that some consumers are victimized by fraud that can wreck their credit. If your credit card information gets into the wrong hands, your credit score and report could suffer, causing a significant amount of anxiety and requiring a large amount of time to repair. Financial experts say that a few simple tips can help you maintain credit card security, minimizing your risk of falling victim to fraud.

Oversharing is a continuing problem on today's social media platforms. It is important to avoid allowing images of your credit card to appear online. Perhaps you have just received your first card, or you obtained a custom design on the credit card itself. Do not post pictures of this card. Even though the security code on the back of the card is not often visible in such shots, criminals can still use the credit card information to perpetrate fraud. It is impossible to retrieve such a photograph once it is distributed into the Internet ether, so be judicious with your social media posts.

Similarly, avoid writing down your credit card information in general. Emailing or texting your credit card number can be a risky move. Even if you trust the recipient, it is possible that a future security breach could cause your personal information to fall into the hands of the wrong people. Minimize access by keeping your cards close to your chest.

Consumers who prefer to shop online would also be wise to consider the advantages of using only secure sites, or those with "https" in the web address. That little "s" shows that the information from that site is heavily encrypted and less likely to be stolen. Criminals are far more likely to obtain your credit card information from a site that is not as secure.

In addition to monitoring your spending and paying your bills on time, you can use these simple precautions to protect your credit score. Philadelphia residents who have been victimized by financial fraud may benefit from consulting a bankruptcy attorney. These professionals can provide additional information that can lead to a rebuilt credit score.

Source: The Huffington Post, "3 Stupid Things You Do With Your Credit Card" No author given, Feb. 24, 2014

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