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Recognizing illegal debt collection tactics

If you count yourself among the many Americans who are struggling in the face of overwhelming credit card debt, you may find yourself on the receiving end of what you might consider harassing phone calls and collection methods. If you are behind on your credit card payments, you can expect that these calls and efforts to reach you will continue, but there are certain rules your creditors must abide by when trying to collect on your debt.

For example, when trying to collect money from you, debt collectors cannot lawfully:

Bankruptcy and divorce in Pennsylvania: part two

Finances and divorce are tricky enough to navigate on their own. Dealing with bankruptcy during divorce can become even more challenging.

In the previous article, you learned about the different options for filing for bankruptcy during the stages of divorce. Now take a deeper look at how a joint or separate filing may affect the divorce process.

Bankruptcy and divorce in Pennsylvania: part one

Divorce may occur on virtually any terms and for a number of reasons. For quite a long time, finances have been a leading cause of divorce

If you are considering or undergoing a divorce and are also contemplating bankruptcy, it is important to understand how the process will affect the divorce. The stage at which parties file for bankruptcy determines its effect on the divorce proceedings and outcome.

Top 3 foreclosure myths

Owning a home is a goal many people strive towards. If you have finally achieved this and are enjoying the rewards of your hard work, it can be devastating to realize you are no longer able to make payments. You are not alone, though; according to NeighborWorks America, over 80,000 families have homes that will enter foreclosure in a single month.

While the situation is undoubtedly stressful, it is important to remain sane and committed to finding solutions. It is also important that you do not rely on faulty information, such as the following three myths that are often mistakenly believed by people who are dealing with foreclosure.

What to consider before opening a 0-interest credit card

If you have ever received an offer to open a no-interest credit card account, you may have asked yourself if there was a catch. Typically, these cards enable you to make purchases without having to pay interest on them for a predetermined amount of time (typically one year, 18 months or what have you), after which a regular interest rate kicks backs in.

In most cases, you would be wise to think twice before opening a 0-interest credit card, unless you are trying to make a large purchase and have absolutely no doubt in your own ability to pay it back. Why?

How to survive job loss

Getting laid off can be devastating. When you suddenly have no income, what do you do? If you are facing this scary reality, you are likely feeling anxious and confused. Unemployment can take a toll on your finances and emotions. 

There are things you can do to bounce back after a job loss. Follow these tips for recovering and getting back into the workforce. 

How to improve your credit after bankruptcy

Now that you have completed the bankruptcy process and gotten your finances in order, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your credit profile. You may already be aware of how long bankruptcy can affect your credit rating. However, there are things you can do to improve your credit while you wait for that to fall off your profile. 

Before you start working to improve your credit, it is crucial for you to examine your financial habits. If you are still experiencing problems with your bills or have some poor money management skills, you should work on them first. If you do not, you could find yourself in a financial bind like you were before you filed for bankruptcy. 

5 effects of credit card debt

Americans are using credit cards more than ever before. This widespread use has several effects, including normalization of using credit to pay for anything from a larger purchase such as a mattress to a purchase as small as a cup of coffee.

This may not be a problem if you are one of the people in the minority who pay your credit cards in full every month. You may be reaping the benefits of various reward programs for airline miles, bookstore gift cards or even cash back. But for the majority of people, credit card debt gets carried forward and accumulates into a larger problem.

Problems with subprime loans for cars and housing

If you are struggling with debt, credit and trying to get back on solid ground financially in Philadelphia, you may feel like it is impossible for you to buy a house or vehicle. Fortunately, even individuals who have less than stellar credit and financial profiles can still finance cars and houses. However, that privilege often comes with a steep price in the form of subprime loans.

Think carefully about how bankruptcy can help you with debt

Crushing credit card debt is a problem for many Americans. Regardless of why you are in this situation, you likely want a way out of it. You might be sick of the phone calls to demand payment or the mail you get telling you that payments are past due. All of these are signs that you need to take some sort of action.

The action that you take depends on your situation, but one that you might choose to exercise is filing for bankruptcy. This has some significant benefits that you should know about before you file.


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