Child Support Is About Money To Provide For Children's Needs

Child Support

Raising a child always involves money, even when a child's parents are together. When parents split up, figuring out each parent's financial responsibilities to the child becomes much harder. Even if the parents are on good terms, determining fair child support can be a stressful exercise. An experienced attorney, knowledgeable in the law and skillful in the presentation of your financial circumstances can alleviate much of the stress. A fair child support order is in everyone's best interest.

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Pennsylvania Child Support Issues: Who Pays For What?

In Pennsylvania, child support cases are initially the job of the Domestic Relations Office. Even if the case eventually ends up in front of a judge, all cases start out there. While support disputes start with a consideration of how much each parent earns, the support law considers many other factors, including the number of children of each parent, with whom the children live most of the time, who pays for health insurance, who pays for child care, whether a parent's mortgage is high and the educational needs of the child.

Establishing And Modifying Child Support

There may be many times when you need a lawyer's help with child support. It may be when the parents first split up.

  • Filing a support petition: This may be filed when the parents split up or at another time.
  • Modifications: The amount of support may need to be modified because there has been a change in one or both parties' financial circumstances.
  • Terminations: Once a child becomes an adult, the order will terminate.
  • Enforcement: If one parent fails to pay child support, enforcement is required.
  • Contempt proceedings: You may face contempt proceedings if you have been unable to pay court-ordered support.

At all these critical times, you need an experienced support lawyer to advocate for you. Too much is at stake to proceed without competent counsel.

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