You Can Discharge Medical Debt Through Bankruptcy

The rising cost of medical treatment, and the lack of adequate insurance coverage for many Americans, means that there are a rising number of people throughout Bucks County and the Philadelphia metropolitan area as well as the surrounding counties who are struggling to pay for medical bills. As medical debt rises, some people use credit cards to help pay off those bills, leading to additional bills and continuing the vicious cycle of debt.

Fortunately, bankruptcy can help break the cycle and restore your financial health by providing relief from medical bills and other kinds of debt. In my practice, Joshua Z. Goldblum, Attorney at Law, I have helped hundreds of individuals eliminate medical debt and other forms of unsecured debt through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Having an attorney on your side during a bankruptcy can help you complete the process and achieve the resolution you need.

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Once you have filed for bankruptcy, medical collection agencies must stop any collection activities against you, including any letters or phone calls. Bankruptcy can help you achieve peace of mind and a fresh financial future. medical bill past due

Honest Advice And Reliable Information

Medical debt is typically one of the easiest kinds of debt to discharge in a bankruptcy since creditors cannot accuse you of fraud. Unfortunately, common bankruptcy myths can dissuade some people from filing for bankruptcy, even if it is in their best interest to do so. I believe it is important to educate people on their options and their rights under U.S. bankruptcy law.

Additionally, there are some companies in the U.S. that offer programs to deal with medical debt that are either fraudulent or faulty and will end up costing people more money in the long run, while not solving their problems associated with medical debt. If you are solicited by a company offering a medical bankruptcy, do not be fooled by promises of quick fixes and cheap solutions. Instead, call a lawyer and find out what can really be done about your medical bills.

Learn More About Medical Debt And Bankruptcy

If you would like to speak with a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy in order to discharge medical bills, credit card debt or other forms of unsecured debt, speak with me at a free initial consultation. Learn whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right option for you or if you would be better off without filing for bankruptcy at all.

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