A New Beginning For Your Financial Future

After making the decision to file for bankruptcy — either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 — you have taken the first step toward getting out from under the burden of debt. Once your bankruptcy has been filed, however, what can you expect? What happens in life after bankruptcy? happy couple

Every situation is different and the recovery process will vary depending on your unique circumstances. More than likely, however, you can expect a fresh start that will give you an opportunity to show lenders, employers, landlords and others that you are firmly committed to financial responsibility. Since you will be free from your prior debts, you will be better able to make these payments going forward. There may be challenges after filing for bankruptcy, but for most people, these challenges are a welcome change to the reality of a lifetime of debt.

If you are worried about what life could be like after bankruptcy, it is important that you educate yourself on the process and common bankruptcy myths that could dissuade you from filing. Call Bucks county bankruptcy lawyer Joshua Z. Goldblum to learn more at 215-322-2745.

Lifestyle Changes And Getting Credit

Credit is a tricky concept. It may have gotten you into trouble or made it more difficult to deal with other problems, such as medical bills, but it is a necessity for rebuilding your financial future. Re-establishing credit after filing for bankruptcy is possible but how much and how fast can depend on a wide range of factors.

While you are rebuilding credit, it may be necessary to make lifestyle changes that reduce monthly payments and allow you meet all of your financial obligations. Maintaining a bank balance, keeping a job and having a stable place to live are also important factors in regaining control of your situation and rebuilding your credit. If you were able to hold onto your house, paying your mortgage payments on time will improve your credit report.

I can guide you through the process of bankruptcy and help you understand what the future holds after your bankruptcy has been filed. Rebuilding your credit score, getting loans and having greater financial options are all possible after bankruptcy as long as you make responsible choices and stick to them.

Get Legal Advice About Life After Bankruptcy

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