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Chapter 7 Archives

Medicaid reductions could lead to more bankruptcy filings

When Obamacare was enacted, the rate of people who had to file personal bankruptcy due to medical bills decreased. With the cuts to Medicaid that are being proposed in Trumpcare bills, the rate of personal bankruptcy filings might start ticking up again.

You have options if your wages are being garnished

If you're struggling to make ends meet and you can't make payment on all your debts, the last thing you need is someone taking up to a quarter of your paycheck from you, but that can happen. If a creditor obtains a judgment against you on the debt you owe, they can then move to get an order of garnishment that gives them the ability to levy your bank accounts or garnish your wages.

Managing holiday spending post-bankruptcy

You've filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and received a discharge. You probably feel a huge sense of relief, but that can be short-lived if you return immediately to the same financial habits that resulted in your debt crisis to begin with. It can be hard to change those habits as the holiday season swings into gear, though, because so many people overspend during these months and put gifts and other expenses on credit cards. Here are some tips to controlling your holiday budget.

We help you avoid common Chapter 7 filing mistakes

Even when you work with a bankruptcy lawyer to file a Chapter 7 or 13 petition, you have to be prepared to go over the details and ensure you really understand what is going on with your case. The good news is that a lawyer can ensure your case is filed following the fairly strict requirements for bankruptcy. Our firm helps you understand how to complete the mandatory credit counseling before you file. Not completing that counseling is one top reason bankruptcy cases are dismissed.

Losing your car can lead to a frightening debt cycle

Struggling to make ends meet between paychecks is stressful, and without the safety net of a savings account or other resources, the struggle can become quickly impossible with even the smallest change in circumstances. One such change might be the loss of a vehicle through repossession.

Understanding options in the face of bank garnishment

Did you know that a creditor could possibly empty your bank account in seeking moneys that you owe them? Before you rush off to pull your money out and keep it safe, know that a creditor has to go through a lengthy legal process before it can take this action, which is known as a bank garnishment.

Dealing with a past-due mortgage during divorce

In past weeks, we discussed the protections that bankruptcy can afford homeowners. Filing bankruptcy can help you stop a foreclosure, especially if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and follow through with a repayment plan. But what happens if you are considering divorce or are in the middle of divorce?

What does bankruptcy say about you personally?

A lot of people attempt to avoid bankruptcy at all costs because of what they believe it will say about them. While bankruptcy isn't the option for everyone -- and if you can get out of debt without it, that might be preferable -- we know that if you are considering bankruptcy, your situation is probably already spinning out of control. Working with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand what your options are to take control of the situation, and if you're worried about what those options might say about you personally, we'd like to take this time to debunk some bankruptcy myths.

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