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July 2016 Archives

Will a loan modification cause a problem with a Chapter 13 plan?

One reason many people file Chapter 13 bankruptcies is to save their homes. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan can take between three and five years, which means you are making payments to the bankruptcy trustee during that time. Your mortgage payment might be included in that plan, or it might not, depending on the specific needs of your case.

Common credit card repayment plans

Did you know that if you get behind on your credit card payments, many companies will work with you on payment plans for your balance? It's not always easy to get a credit card company to agree with a plan that works for you, though, and there are some potential disadvantages with regard to your credit history. It's important to consider all the factors before moving forward with a credit card repayment plan.

What's the best way to pay off your debt?

Financial experts tend to migrate into two camps when it comes to the topic of paying off debt. In general, they either advocate the snowball or avalanche approach, though obviously other unique approaches are possible. Whether you should snowball or avalanche when paying off debt depends on both your situation and your temperament.

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