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March 2016 Archives

Are you paying attention to credit card finance charges?

When you are facing an overwhelming debt situation, it is very tempting to stop paying attention to the details. If you can't pay off an account anytime soon or even make headway, is it worth the effort to look too closely at what is becoming a depression or anxiety-inducing situation? The answer is yes -- you should always pay attention to the details, even if you're struggling to make minimum payments each month. In fact, you should pay attention especially if you are struggling.

Wage garnishment can increase your debt woes

Wage garnishment means that a creditor has the legal backing to demand that your employer withholds a certain amount of your wages. Those wages are then paid to the creditor until the debt is paid off or the wage garnishment expires. The specific details of wage garnishments do vary with state law, but the general practice is the same and is governed by federal law.

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