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September 2015 Archives

What are some ways to pay down credit card debt?

Credit cards aren't evil, and they don't create debt in and of themselves. If used properly, they can actually be a good financial tool for families. Essentially, a credit card provides you a short-term loan that is interest free from the date you use the card to the end of the billing cycle. If you pay the balance off before that, the loan is virtually free, although some credit cards do come with fees. Credit cards can come in handy during emergencies or travel.

Wrangle medical debt by filing for bankruptcy

Seeking medical care in this country often means having to incur debt. If you suffer from a serious injury or illness that is unexpected or if you have a lifelong medical condition, you might end up in so much medical debt that you are unable to pay your other bills because of the financial stress of the medical bills. Filing for bankruptcy might be one option for you to wrangle the medical debt so you can get a fresh financial start.

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