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August 2014 Archives

Take control of your unmanageable debt quickly

Being suffocated by credit card debt isn't something that anyone intends to happen when they open a credit card account. For most people, getting a credit card probably fell into one of two categories: building credit or having it to use for emergencies. While there is nothing wrong with either of those categories, some people with credit cards might find themselves behind in payments.

Don't be ashamed of having to file bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy used to be something that was done in secret because it was often associated with living beyond one's means. Now, filing bankruptcy is usually associated with taking control of your finances, so the secret shroud is sometimes lifted. For our Pennsylvania readers, knowing about other people's experiences might help them to see how bankruptcy might help them.

Legal and illegal debt collection practices in Pennsylvania

When people are facing debt for almost any reason, it is important that they understand the tactics that may and may not be used by collection companies, and they need to know what legal rights those collectors have in Pennsylvania. This is something that often comes to light if someone has a lot of credit card debt that has not been paid off in a timely manner.

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