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December 2013 Archives

Military members face credit card woes

It is common knowledge that young military members are rarely flush with cash. New information shows that younger service members in Pennsylvania and elsewhere may be at risk for serious problems with credit cards, thanks to costly practices that abound throughout that population. Official reports show that members of the military are more likely to end up paying the minimum payments on their debt and a significant amount in late fees. Even more troubling is the fact that a large number of military members take out cash-advance loans to cover their financial shortfalls.

Managing bankruptcy that involves home equity loans

Pennsylvania borrowers who take out lines of credit on their home may not fully understand the implications of these loans. For those who choose to pursue this line of lending, it is important to remember that creditors can foreclose upon your home because of a default on a home equity loan. Even if the home's original mortgage was paid off long ago, those creditors can still seek foreclosure if the home equity loans are not consistently paid. If you are struggling to keep up with home equity loan payments, you may be considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Today, we will discuss whether bankruptcy of this type is likely to help you recover from the financial strain of an unpaid equity loan.

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