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October 2013 Archives

Rooney's stepson files for Chapter 7

A shocking development this week in the case of Mickey Rooney's stepson, who was accused of pilfering millions from the famed star's accounts. The man was facing criminal allegations in connection with an elder abuse case, which accused the man and his wife of taking money from the actor after they took over control of his financial and personal affairs. Even though people in Pennsylvania file bankruptcy for a variety of reasons, the couple in this case is seeking Chapter 7 protection in the wake of a civil suit in the case. They claim that they do not have the money to pay back $2.8 million that was allegedly taken from the elderly man's account.

Middle class using more payday loans

Payday loans and check-cashing services have a certain reputation. They are generally for those Pennsylvania residents who are down on their luck, making minimum wage and unable to make ends meet. Like the growing amount of credit card debt that is plaguing a large number of residents, though, payday loans are becoming more common among different groups of people. These days, the payday loan customer is increasingly likely to be well-educated and squarely in the middle class.

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