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Facing Frozen or Garnished Bank Accounts

Were you told you have insufficient funds when you know there is money in the bank? Did you bounce a check that should have been covered? You may be the target of an aggressive debt collection practice of collection agencies.

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Credit card companies have become more aggressive.

These days, credit card companies are becoming more and more aggressive in attempting to collect outstanding debt. They are hiring aggressive attorneys and collection agencies to recover money owed to them or they are selling the debt to collection agencies. Debt collection agencies can be very aggressive in pursuing these debts.

Creditors may bring a lawsuit against you to collect money. If you do not respond to a complaint in court, a default judgment may be entered against you. Upon entry of a judgment, a writ of execution may be issued to garnish your bank account. Upon receipt of a writ of execution, your bank will immediately place a hold on your bank accounts, and the money you know is there is now unavailable to you.

Do not be a victim of aggressive credit card garnishment practices.

Creditors are very difficult to negotiate with after they have frozen your bank account. It is unlikely that the creditor will be reasonable. Another way to solve the problem and protect your bank account is to file for bankruptcy. Additionally, if you file for bankruptcy within 90 days of the garnishment, any money that was taken may be returned to you.

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