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It can be tough to make a living these days. In what is perhaps the worst recession since the Great Depression, many individuals and families across Philadelphia and its suburbs are feeling the pinch. Even if you have not lost your job or were forced to take a new job with less compensation and fewer benefits, it can still be a struggle just to stay above water.

You do not have to face your financial difficulties alone.

My name is Josh Goldblum and I am a bankruptcy attorney who has helped people find effective solutions to difficult financial problems for more than 25 years. In these tough times, I can provide the guidance and effective legal solutions necessary to help solve your short-term needs while protecting your long-term financial goals.

Learn more about bankruptcy at my Bankruptcy FAQ, which will answer common questions about the process and direct you towards resources for even more information. Contact Joshua Z. Goldblum, Attorney at Law.

Bankruptcy is Not the End. It is a New Beginning.

If you are facing a foreclosure on your mortgage, have been served with a lawsuit, or are tired of dealing with abusive collection agencies and bill collectors, you need a fresh start Bankruptcy may be the most effective way for you to find that new beginning. In bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge all of your debt, including credit card debts and medical bills. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you will be able to keep your home, your car and other property from being foreclosed upon or repossessed.

In my practice, I focus on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, which are specifically designed to help consumers with their personal financial problems. I also educate clients on matters related to bankruptcy and consumer debt, including dispelling myths associated with bankruptcy and counseling my clients on what life is like after bankruptcy.

Competent Legal Help Should Not Be Prohibitively Expensive

It is possible to file for bankruptcy without the assistance of a lawyer. Unfortunately, many bankruptcies that are done without the work of an experienced bankruptcy attorney are not done properly and end up creating more problems than they solve. By hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can feel confident that your bankruptcy has been filed correctly and that you will not have to worry about issues arising down the road.

My office is located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, and I represent clients in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. I know that when people are already dealing with too many bills and critical financial problems, the last thing they can afford are expensive attorneys' fees. I believe in providing cost-effective solutions to my clients. The initial consultation to discuss your bill problems is always free.

Contact me today, whether you have been considering bankruptcy for a while or if you just want to know more information. Send me an e-mail or call my office at 215-322-2745.

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.